Sweet Ideas for Dads on Your Wedding Day

We've had the chance to work with some incredibly sweet couples and every now and then, their beautiful children. Whether it’s a 2nd marriage where one or both individuals has kids or a couple who has been together for years, built a family side-by-side and has decided that now is the best timing for them to move forward into marriage, we admire each family. We believe family is what you make of it and that love comes together in all sorts of ways and unique timing. We love seeing the fun things that parents do to include their kids in this beautiful day to celebrate love and we thought this would be a fun thing to share on Father's Day. Whether a father by birth or by choice - however your family is formed, we believe it's a beautiful thing and want to affirm however you want to express that love.

Just a couple ideas (but feel free to make your own!) for ways to include your kids on your wedding day:

  1. Vows: In addition to vows to each other, you could consider prepared statements to extend to your children to share your love for them and how you hope to create this new life together.

  2. Dances: We love the sentimental moments of first dances! You could always have a special dance to include a child as well. If you're struggling to find the perfect song, we also offer composition services. We’d love to write the perfect song for you!

  3. Cake: Cake cutting (or cupckate!) or surprise them with their favorite dessert. It could be fun to include them in this portion of the evening.

  4. Welcome: If your child is old enough to feel comfortable doing this, you could ask them to welcome everyone to the reception.

  5. Bouquet (Toss?): Rather than a traditional bouquet toss, you could hand (or gently toss) the bouquet to your daughter. She may choose to preserve the flowers or hold onto the ribbon and it may be something she treasures for years.

Whatever you chose to do, we hope that your wedding can be a beautiful celebration of love - in all its many forms!

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